What is Your Backstory?

Everyone has a story. A journey that led them to where they are today. And people who helped them get there. In our channel, there are so many interesting people with surprising backgrounds. 

In this new blog series I will attempt to share the real backstories of people and companies in our community.

Read the backstories of:

Pam Misialek - Astronaut, Accountant, Author

Brooke Webb Smith - Tribute to a Marketing Maven

Mariano Gomez - From Colombia to Fargo – The Journey to Become “The Dynamics GP Blogster”

MSDynamicsWorld – Two Guys, One Site, Zero Microsoft Ties

ERP Software Blog - The History Of How It All Got Started

Enterprise Software Podcast - Interview with Bob McAdam

Amber Bell - From Front Desk to Back Office to Center Spotlight: The Making of a GPUG All Star

Whose backstory would you like to hear? Let me know.