Our Channel is Small So You Better Be Nice

“Treat others as yourself” or “What goes around comes around.” No matter what quote you prefer, the point is the same. The way you treat people now can have an impact on you later. Either positive or negative. And I think that is especially true when you spend your career working in a software channel like ours.  Recently I had a similar issue with two companies. But the outcome of each was very different. And this is what I learned.

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Why Marketers Should Try Things That Sound Just a Little Crazy

Can you measure the ROI on that? As a marketer, how often have you heard that question? Working in the ERP software industry, many of my bosses have been “non- practicing CPAs” and other financial types. So, the question very often comes down to math. I hate math. I heard a podcast recently and had an “ah-ha moment”. Finally, someone was able to put into words why successful marketers can’t be so concerned with the math and metrics.  Many times during my career as a marketer I have had to pitch an idea to the person holding the purse strings and found myself saying: “I know this might sound crazy but…. I really think it could work.” 

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Are Your Profile Pages Collecting Cobwebs?

When was the last time you updated your profile? I am talking about your company’s profile pages on various directories and websites. I want my company to get as much online exposure as possible, so we have listings on all kinds of websites. Most of them have you submit a profile or company description.

But do you remember to keep them all updated? Recently the company I work for started selling Acumatica. For years we have only represented Microsoft Dynamics GP. So not only did we need to update our own company website, we needed to update our company description on any other website where it appeared.  Based on this exercise here are 4 suggestions to make your life easier:

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My Marketing Plan: Excellence in One Area vs. Mediocrity in Many

You just can’t be good at everything. Sad but true. Several years ago, I had to take a long hard look at the company I work for.  I had to choose to acknowledge our weaknesses and use our strengths when developing a marketing plan. And realize that just because it works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for us. This is my suggestion….

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You Say You Bought That Image But Can You Prove It?

I trust you. I bet you properly licensed that copyright protected image you have on your website. But the real question is, can you prove it? As some people have found out the hard way, if you can’t prove it, you are in trouble. If you get a letter from a lawyer saying that you have a copyright protected image (or song) on your website it is up to you to prove that you purchased it. And sometimes that is easier said than done. Here are a few real life examples and few tips to protect yourself.

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Why I Hope I Never Stop Apologizing

A business colleague told me, “Never Apologize!” I know he just meant, “No harm done, no need to be sorry.”  But it got me thinking. I don’t think people apologize enough.  

Some people say that women apologize way too often. Don’t believe me? Watch this “Sorry Not Sorry” video. Out of habit we say, “I’m sorry, I have a question” or “I’m sorry, did you say something?”. We have nothing to apologize for. In those scenarios, it does border on weakness and not knowing your own value. But I believe many people, mostly men, but women too, take it too far. They don’t think to ever say the words, “I’m sorry” even when they should. 

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4 Ways to Help People Who Hate Upgrades

I hate upgrades. I will ignore them for as long as possible. I just want to do it the way I know how to do it. Even if a “better” way exists. Eventually I lose the battle, and change is forced upon me. After verbally abusing the new system for a few weeks, I get used to doing it a different way and forget the drama. Then I even start to like the new system. Until the next upgrade….

So I have empathy for companies that are faced with upgrades to their ERP and CRM systems. Here are a few simple steps I think ERP/CRM partners should take to make upgrade-haters like me more comfortable with the inevitable.

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12 Creative Ways to Announce Big News About Your Company

Have you recently won an award, reached a milestone or just done something pretty incredible? Of course, you want everyone to know. Recently, the company I work for achieved Gold partner status from Acumatica. As a new Acumatica partner, this is a huge deal for us. I wanted to do more than just put the new logo on our website. I wanted to make a splash. So, I asked a few of my marketing buddies and we came up with this list of creative yet realistic ways an ERP/CRM partner can promote an important news announcement.

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3 Marketing Tips I Wanted To Tell Restaurant Owners in Albania

I just can’t stop thinking about marketing. Even on vacation. A large part of my vacation time is spent in restaurants, so I often want to give unsolicited marketing advice to restaurant owners. This happened recently in Tirana, Albania. But since I don’t speak Albanian, I will share in a blog post instead. And likely it will be more appreciated this way anyway. Here are three marketing lessons I learned that apply to Microsoft Dynamics partners too.

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Don’t Assume Your Clients Know Anything

“I just assumed you knew.” Have you ever gotten a tip that you know will save you a lot of time and hassle? If the tip comes from a stranger, you are grateful. If it comes from someone who should have told you before, you are annoyed. Learning to put yourself in someone else's situation and anticipate their needs is a skill. But I think it is a skill that can be developed. And it is something that will make your company and your employees really stand out from the competition. Things that seem obvious to you may be very new to someone else. This is why you should not just assume they know.... 

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Are You Willing To Hire For Appreciation Rather Than Experience?

I believe that the best workers are the ones that sincerely appreciate having a job that fits their unique life circumstances. They will do anything to please their employer and keep that job, because they know it will be hard to find someone else to accommodate them. Who are these people and where can you find them? Here is my unusual advice.


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Who Owns Your Website – Marketing or IT?

“The Website is Down!” Those words send chills down the spine of any marketer. Everyone starts looking for someone to blame and finally asks the question -  who is responsible for keeping the website running, Marketing or IT? Sadly, many times the IT department dismisses the website as just a “pretty marketing thing”. And the Marketing department assumes that IT is taking care of boring things like security and backups. That is a big mistake.

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My Simple 2 Step Marketing Plan for a Small Business with No Time and Less Money

I like to talk to my chiropractor about marketing.  After my first visit, he sent me a letter with referrals. I complimented him on the great marketing tactic and we started talking about how hard it is for a busy small business owner to spend time on marketing.  I thought more about it and on my next visit I suggested what I would do in his situation to market a small business with limited time and resources. Here are two things that you, as a small business owner, can do that could have a big impact: 

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My Best Blogging Tip You Think You Have Never Heard

I feel like I tell this tip all the time.  Yet every time I say it people are still amazed and act like they have never heard it before. So, I’ll just keep saying it. This is the fastest way to write a blog post.  Ready? 1) Record 2) Transcribe 3) Edit. I have done it hundreds of times. Here are my specific tips to make it easy.

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22 Interesting Baby Traditions Around the World

Let me just say right away, this post has nothing to do with marketing. But gosh darn, I spent a lot of time on this so I wanted to share it.

I was asked to come up with a baby shower game that showed different baby traditions around the world. Based on extensive internet research these are the “facts” I found. I can’t actually prove that any of them true, but they certainly do start some fun conversations.

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12 Hot Topics for Microsoft Dynamics Marketers in 2017

What topics are “hot” with Microsoft Dynamics marketers this year?

At the start of each year my marketing group makes a list of the topics we are the most interested in learning more about. Then we vote and assign one topic to discuss in our monthly call.

Hearing the experiences, opinions and questions of other marketers that are with you “in the trenches” has proved to be enormously valuable. This is what we will be discussing in 2017.

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Do You Look Like Your LinkedIn Profile Photo?

Some of the profile photos I see on LinkedIn just make me cringe. Really? That is the best photo you could find? All of us need at least one great headshot photo to use on LinkedIn and other social media profiles. Some people need it more than others because, let’s be honest, some of the headshots people choose for LinkedIn are just plain terrible. Here are some tips from the experts on how to choose the right photo.

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14 Favorite Marketing Tools Our Group Loves

The best way to find out about new marketing tools is to ask other marketing people to list their favorites. At the end of the year I asked a group of top marketers in the Microsoft Dynamics channel what tools they had loved in 2016. I admit that half of the answers were programs I had never used before. Perhaps there is a new tool on this list for you too.  

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