Top Dynamics Partners Choose the 12 Most Interesting Marketing Topics of 2015

What is on the minds of some of the top marketers in the Microsoft Dynamics channel this year? I took a poll of 15 marketers that I collaborate with regularly, from both Dynamics VAR and ISV companies. We came up with a master list of the topics that we want to explore further in 2015. During our group calls this year we will discuss one topic each month as it relates to our world of marketing Microsoft Dynamics products:

1.       SEO – What is working and what is not.

2.       Twitter  - Tools, tips and analytics to use it Twitter wisely.

3.       Presentations  -  Best Practices for presenting effectively online and in person.

4.       Teamwork – How to align Sales and Marketing teams within our organization.

5.       Events – Planning the best customer and prospect events.

6.       Resources – What are our favorite resources, tools, service and vendors.

7.       Community – What are the best associations and directories to get involved with.

8.       LinkedIn  - Tips to go beyond the profile and use LinkedIn for prospecting and sales.

9.       The Cloud – How to effectively market the benefits of “the cloud”.

10.   Videos – Creating, producing and using videos for marketing.

11.   Lead Nurturing – Strategies for regular lead contact and lead scoring.

12.   Bonus – What is Microsoft Sway?

It sounds like an exciting year. What are your hot topics for 2015?

By Anya Ciecierski, Collaboration Works Marketing

Twitter: @AnyaCWMktg