How to Make Sure You Don’t Miss Out on Referral Leads from Your Microsoft Partner Center Profile

How many referral leads has Microsoft sent to you lately? None? Are you sure? It is possible that there are leads sitting out there in your Microsoft Partner Center account and you don’t even know it. There are 3 ways you can get leads from Microsoft Partner Center. Here are the steps to make sure you receive those referrals (leads) and respond in a way that makes Microsoft happy, (so they will send you more leads.)

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How to Edit Your Microsoft Partner Center Profile to Get More Leads

Another marketer recently told me that she missed a bunch of lead referrals from Microsoft because there was typo in the email address on their Microsoft Partner Center (formerly Pinpoint) profile. Once she fixed the typo she received 3 leads in less than a week.  If you are like me you are saying, “Wait, what? I want to get leads from there too!” It took me some time to figure it all out so consider this your “cheat sheet” to find out how to check and edit your Microsoft Partner Center business profile.

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Astronaut, Accountant, Author – The Backstory of Pam Misialek

Pam Misialek started her career right out of college as one of the very first interns at Great Plains Software. She thought she would stay with Great Plains until it was not fun anymore, and then she would move on. Little did she know that she would become an integral part of this product and stay with the company for the next 22 years – during many fun and not so fun times. Until her next big adventure began. But let’s start this backstory even earlier. Back to the days of space camp, Dear Doug letters and science fiction novels……

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An Easy Way to Show Your Referral Partners That You Value Every Lead

Do your referral partners feel confident that you value the leads they give you? I am not talking about giving them money. There are other ways to thank them. I feel that one of the best, and cheapest, things you can give them, to prove that you deserve their leads, is information. This is what I mean....and how I know it works.

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Tribute to Brooke Webb Smith: A Marketing Maven

When her hands stopped working and her mind was a bit fuzzy from the pain medication my friend Brooke Webb Smith asked me to write her backstory. I had no idea that this backstory would actually be her obituary. And a tribute to a life that was cut short too soon. These thoughts are hers, she just used my hands to tell the story.

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Super Simple YouTube Trick to Drive More Website Traffic

This tip is so simple it’s scary. But I rarely see anyone else do it. First, let me ask you this, as an ERP/CRM partner, why do you put videos on YouTube? It’s not because you hope to be the next YouTube video star. It’s because you want to drive traffic, hopefully prospects, back to your website to learn more about your company and buy your product. So the key is to make it as easy as possible for viewers to get back to your website. My simple tip is.....

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Traffic, Leads and Notoriety: The True Story of a Reluctant ERP Software Blog Member

“I'm glad that I ignored my in-house marketing guy and went ahead and joined the ERP Software Blog.  I do feel it's the best decision I could have made.” – Rod O’Connor, Briware Solutions, ERP Software Blog member since 2015. If you are considering joining the ERP Software Blog or the CRM Software Blog, consider the traffic and the leads but don’t forget that it just could make you famous. It took Rod O’Connor a long time to make the decision to join the ERP Software Blog and now he is very glad he did. In this post, Rod explains the very real benefits he has seen.

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From Colombia to Fargo – How Mariano Gomez Became “The Dynamics GP Blogster”

These days Mariano Gomez is well known for being The Dynamics GP Blogster. But unlike at his first job, he doesn’t need to walk around with a bodyguard. This backstory includes an unexpected phone call, a 16-hour journey to Fargo, North Dakota and a market crash that created a personal brand. As Mariano found out after his very first trip to Fargo, when you get involved in this community, there are endless and varied opportunities that can take you on the journey that lasts a lifetime. 

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6 Bloggers Expose Their Referral Click Traffic from ERP Software Blog

How can you prove that blogging is effective?  It’s all about tracking the traffic. Of course you can track the number of people that read your article. But I think an even better indicator of ROI is to track the number of people who take the next step and click on a link back to your website. I asked a few more of my ERP Software Blog members to share their referrals stats for a 10 month period in 2017 and the results were very impressive. Look out their numbers and find out how to check your own. 

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The Backstory of MSDynamicsWorld – Two Guys, One Site, Zero Microsoft Ties

Everyone in the Microsoft Dynamics channel knows MSDynamicsWorld. Since its launch in 2008 MSDynamicsWorld has grown into the world’s largest Microsoft ERP/CRM news and information resource.

But if you think this site was launched by seasoned Microsoft executives with deep channel connections and vendor funding, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Ten years ago two young entrepreneurs, Adam Berezin and Jason Gumpert, knocked on the door of this channel with no direct relationships and no connection to Fargo or Microsoft. And they made it.

This backstory includes “the worst sales job ever”, crashing a Harvard alumni meeting, the opportune meeting of two very different people and a whole lot of cold calling. 

Find out what made MSDynamicsWorld what it is today.

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An Inexpensive Resource to Turn Blog Posts Into Infographics

Infographics are fun representations of complex ideas in visual graphic form. They are eye catching and easy to promote. They are usually also VERY expensive. So what is a cash-strapped marketer to do? Recently, I found a company that is the right fit for me.  I get a simple but effective infographic for a low cost and a limited amount of work on my end. Check out the details.

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Why is Anya Emailing Me at 3am?

The next time we are on a webinar, if tell you where I am sitting, I bet you’ll be surprised. Until recently, you could have safely guessed that I was sitting in my home office in a small town in Massachusetts. But now, even though the webinar looks the same, I am actually half way across the world. Same work, different desk.

This year my husband and I decided to finally act on an idea that we’ve been talking about for a long time. We moved to Europe. No, we are not living in a villa in Tuscany. It’s a bit rougher than that. We moved to......

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Our Channel is Small So You Better Be Nice

“Treat others as yourself” or “What goes around comes around.” No matter what quote you prefer, the point is the same. The way you treat people now can have an impact on you later. Either positive or negative. And I think that is especially true when you spend your career working in a software channel like ours.  Recently I had a similar issue with two companies. But the outcome of each was very different. And this is what I learned.

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Why Marketers Should Try Things That Sound Just a Little Crazy

Can you measure the ROI on that? As a marketer, how often have you heard that question? Working in the ERP software industry, many of my bosses have been “non- practicing CPAs” and other financial types. So, the question very often comes down to math. I hate math. I heard a podcast recently and had an “ah-ha moment”. Finally, someone was able to put into words why successful marketers can’t be so concerned with the math and metrics.  Many times during my career as a marketer I have had to pitch an idea to the person holding the purse strings and found myself saying: “I know this might sound crazy but…. I really think it could work.” 

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Are Your Profile Pages Collecting Cobwebs?

When was the last time you updated your profile? I am talking about your company’s profile pages on various directories and websites. I want my company to get as much online exposure as possible, so we have listings on all kinds of websites. Most of them have you submit a profile or company description.

But do you remember to keep them all updated? Recently the company I work for started selling Acumatica. For years we have only represented Microsoft Dynamics GP. So not only did we need to update our own company website, we needed to update our company description on any other website where it appeared.  Based on this exercise here are 4 suggestions to make your life easier:

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My Marketing Plan: Excellence in One Area vs. Mediocrity in Many

You just can’t be good at everything. Sad but true. Several years ago, I had to take a long hard look at the company I work for.  I had to choose to acknowledge our weaknesses and use our strengths when developing a marketing plan. And realize that just because it works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for us. This is my suggestion….

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You Say You Bought That Image But Can You Prove It?

I trust you. I bet you properly licensed that copyright protected image you have on your website. But the real question is, can you prove it? As some people have found out the hard way, if you can’t prove it, you are in trouble. If you get a letter from a lawyer saying that you have a copyright protected image (or song) on your website it is up to you to prove that you purchased it. And sometimes that is easier said than done. Here are a few real life examples and few tips to protect yourself.

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Why I Hope I Never Stop Apologizing

A business colleague told me, “Never Apologize!” I know he just meant, “No harm done, no need to be sorry.”  But it got me thinking. I don’t think people apologize enough.  

Some people say that women apologize way too often. Don’t believe me? Watch this “Sorry Not Sorry” video. Out of habit we say, “I’m sorry, I have a question” or “I’m sorry, did you say something?”. We have nothing to apologize for. In those scenarios, it does border on weakness and not knowing your own value. But I believe many people, mostly men, but women too, take it too far. They don’t think to ever say the words, “I’m sorry” even when they should. 

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