Directories & Events Every Microsoft Dynamics Marketer Needs to Evaluate

Once you have been in the Dynamics channel for a while, you know where to get the information you need.

For example, here are my “go to” directories when I want to find a specific ISV product or partner. (Hint: if you are an ISV partner that wants to get found, you should check out these lists too).

(Note: this list was updated Jan 2017)

DIRECTORIES to find Microsoft Dynamics ISV Partners/Products:

Directories (free)

  • Microsoft Partner Center: (replaced Pinpoint)
  • Microsoft AppSource: (Cloud products only)

Directories (paid)

*The List is my favorite ISV directory and I wish every ISV partner would pay the small fee to be included so it would be 100% complete. 


EVENTS for Dynamics Partners

Now, more than ever, there are so many events that Microsoft Dynamics partners are encouraged to attend. Here are the major events for you to evaluate and add to your calendar. PLUS looking at their sponsor lists is a great way to find ISV partners active in our community.

Events for Dynamics Partners:

If you are new to the Dynamics channel I would definitely recommend that you attend some of these events. The people you meet, the sessions you attend and the conversations you join will give you more insight into the Dynamics world that a year of sitting in your office reading Partnersource.

Also, get your hands on the Microsoft Dynamics Newbie Survival Kit offered by The Partner Channel. It is a great way to get to know about industry jargon, important events and more. (Plus it is always fun to get a real box in the mail.)

By Anya Ciecierski, Collaboration Works Marketing

Twitter: @AnyaCWMKtg