I Felt Like We Were Best Friends Until I Sent the Check

When someone is a prospect, they are a VIP. They get our full attention. But once they sign the contract or send the check, what happens? Do they still feel your love?

If something happens to me once it is a fluke. If it happens twice it is a trend and something I feel I should write about.

This week I booked several apartments on Airbnb for an upcoming trip to Europe. While I was trying to make the decision I reached out to hosts in each city and was impressed that I got a reply from a few of them almost instantly. They were so conscientious, so helpful.

Then I made my final booking.

I emailed those same hosts who had been so responsive to ask follow up questions in order to plan the trip. No reply. Crickets. Nothing.

It seemed to me that as soon as I had “sent the check” their job was done. They don’t have to be responsive now; I am coming anyway. They can focus their attention on other prospective customers. It makes me question if I made the right choice. Will these people actually be there when I need them?

Of course this makes me think about ERP software.

The marketing and sales department treats prospective customers like gold, with quick replies, extra research and attention. But once they choose your company, does your client feel that your attitude has changed?

Did you send them a “thank you for choosing us” message? Does someone still reply right away to their questions?  Do they still feel confident they made the right choice?

Or have you moved on to other new opportunities?

Does you CRM system still send you the same alerts to remind you to pay attention to them?

This experience was a reminder to me to continue treating my existing customers as VIPs after the sale.

And in the meantime I am still waiting to hear back about the parking situation at my Airbnb in Spain….I hope I made the right choice.

By Anya Ciecierski

Collaboration Works Marketing

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