How Beringer Associates Became Our Most Popular Dynamics CRM Blog Star

For the past two months one company has written 4 out of 5 of the most popular blog posts on the CRM Software Blog. They have consistently been on the most popular list, but now they are completely dominating it.

I told them that the blogger at Beringer Associates deserves a gold star.

Then I found that they deserve a whole bunch of gold stars, because everyone at their company is a blogger.

Lisa A. Beringer, Vice President at Beringer Associates, Inc. shared her company’s secret to success with me:

“We have the entire company writing posts now.  Every team has a weekly blog quota and every team is contributing regularly.  Our goal is to publish a minimum of 3 posts per week and we have been hitting that goal pretty regularly. 
Each month, we have been combining the statistics we get from the CRM Software Blog along with the statistics on our own site that Interactive Limited puts together and we send an email to the entire company highlighting & thanking our top bloggers – by contribution, by hits, etc.  That message has generated a lot of internal competition and challenges which has been great!”

Notice what this Dynamics CRM partner is doing right:

  • Blogging is taken seriously by executive management and the assignment of writing blog posts comes from the top, not just from the marketing team.
  • They set a specific goal for the number of blog posts to be written each week and stick to that goal.
  • They use Interactive Limited for SEO help to track their results.
  • They are sharing statistics to thank their team and inspire some friendly competition (which produces more blog content).
  • They are spreading their content around on multiple blog sites for maximum visibility and traffic.

This is an excellent example of the power of blogging and the results that come from treating it as a company-wide strategic marketing tactic.

Congratulations Beringer Associates, you win my marketing gold stars.

Can your company do something similar?

By Anya Ciecierski, Collaboration Works Marketing

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