Is a Professional Video of Your Client Event Worth the Cost?

Events are expensive. Very few Dynamics ERP/CRM partners want to add to the budget by hiring a professional video crew to film the event. But you should.

I love to save money just as much (actually more) than the next partner. But I still feel that an event video is worth the expense. There are just so many ways this video can be used, for years to come.

Before I get into the FAQ, take a look at the video of our last event to get an idea of the type of video I am talking about:

Watch video online

Here are links to a few other good Dynamics partner client event videos:

How much does an event video cost?

Of course costs can vary widely, but I asked several marketing managers at Dynamics partners across the US and the average cost for a 2-3 minute event video is $2500-$4000. This includes on-site filming, video production and editing.

Hint: if you are looking for a lower cost video, try hiring someone studying videography from a local college who wants experience. Or see if you can get a discount if you promote the videographer’s services to your audience.

Where can you find a good videographer?

Of course you can search online. You can ask other Dynamics partners or local businesses for referrals. I use in Massachusetts and they are fantastic. You can put the question out there on local Linked In groups. I received several good local suggestions that way. Once you have a shortlist of vendors, of course you want to look at examples of their videos to get an idea of their style and quality. I would also try to meet them in person if possible to make sure you “click” and they will present a professional appearance at your event.

How can you use an event video?

 1)      For attendees: When you invite someone to an event for the first time, you need to show them them that the event will be worth their time. If they can see a video of a past event that is organized, well attended and professional, that can be very convincing.

So with the invitation, send them a link to the video. Embed the video in blog posts. Use the link in social media updates and press releases.

2)      For sponsors: ISV companies are invited to sponsor so many events each year. You can use your video to show them the size and quality of your event. You want them to know your event will not be just a few people in a dark conference room. This year I actually went a step further and had our videographer produce a second video that we will use JUST for our sponsors, to show the many benefits of choosing to support our event. View the video here. If this video helps me secure just one new sponsor it will more than cover the extra cost of production.

3)      For extra footage: While you have a videographer on site why not film some additional footage you can use on your website. For example:

a.      Film client testimonials

b.      Film your team talking about why they love working at your company, to use in recruiting efforts.

c.       Film ISV sponsors talking about why they like working with you. Or a quick pitch of their product.

How often do you need to video the same event?

A good event video can be used for several years. If you have an annual event I don’t think you need to pay for a video every year, as long as you are keeping a similar format/venue. But if you do plan to re-use your video for several years, try not to brand it with a specific date/year otherwise it will look “expired”.

What are some tips to working with a videographer?

Here are few tips to make sure that you are happy with the final video:

·         Show your videographer examples of other videos that you like so he knows the style that you are looking for.

·         Give the videographer a “shot list” of footage you want to make sure is included in the video. For example, at my Dynamics GP user event I want to make sure the video shows clips of 1) A room full of people 2) The ISV expo area 3) A breakout session 4) The food 5) The keynote speaker 6) Happy people talking/networking.  He can film anything else he thinks is good, but those clips have to make it into the final video.

·         Review the event agenda with him (or her) in advance.  Make sure to give him a printed agenda and venue map.

·         Provide him with a list of important contacts. For example, you want him to know who the owner of your company is as well as other key people that are important to include in the video. Otherwise you could see the good looking summer intern on the screen more than the owner.

How can you get clients to agree to be filmed?

On our registration table we put a sign that says “This event is being recorded… (legalese terms here)” (Just in case anyone is in the witness protection program or something). And I make sure we have a photo of that sign being displayed on event day. (Just in case anyone objects later, which has never happened).

Then I bribe my clients with free raffle tickets if they will agree to say a few words on camera. (Even with the bribe it often takes some convincing and lots of encouragement, especially with women).

Can someone else help me with all this planning?

As a matter of fact, I know a great resource, who loves event planning and has plenty of experience planning Dynamics client events. Check out:  Then you can let her decide if you can fit an event video into the budget. 

In my opinion, event videos are a powerful marketing tool. Worth the cost and extra effort.

Have you filmed an event video? What are your tips?

By Anya Ciecierksi, Collaboration Works Marketing

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