Advice from the Woman Behind the Cape – The Backstory of Leslie Vail

Leslie Vail is a legend in the Microsoft Dynamics GP community. With hard work, strong relationships and a positive attitude she has impacted everyone around her. This is the story of how Leslie built her career, and found her distinctive style. And the advice she has for newcomers as she leaves this industry after more than 25 years of “living the dream”.

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Astronaut, Accountant, Author – The Backstory of Pam Misialek

Pam Misialek started her career right out of college as one of the very first interns at Great Plains Software. She thought she would stay with Great Plains until it was not fun anymore, and then she would move on. Little did she know that she would become an integral part of this product and stay with the company for the next 22 years – during many fun and not so fun times. Until her next big adventure began. But let’s start this backstory even earlier. Back to the days of space camp, Dear Doug letters and science fiction novels……

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Tribute to Brooke Webb Smith: A Marketing Maven

When her hands stopped working and her mind was a bit fuzzy from the pain medication my friend Brooke Webb Smith asked me to write her backstory. I had no idea that this backstory would actually be her obituary. And a tribute to a life that was cut short too soon. These thoughts are hers, she just used my hands to tell the story.

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From Colombia to Fargo – How Mariano Gomez Became “The Dynamics GP Blogster”

These days Mariano Gomez is well known for being The Dynamics GP Blogster. But unlike at his first job, he doesn’t need to walk around with a bodyguard. This backstory includes an unexpected phone call, a 16-hour journey to Fargo, North Dakota and a market crash that created a personal brand. As Mariano found out after his very first trip to Fargo, when you get involved in this community, there are endless and varied opportunities that can take you on the journey that lasts a lifetime. 

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The Backstory of MSDynamicsWorld – Two Guys, One Site, Zero Microsoft Ties

Everyone in the Microsoft Dynamics channel knows MSDynamicsWorld. Since its launch in 2008 MSDynamicsWorld has grown into the world’s largest Microsoft ERP/CRM news and information resource.

But if you think this site was launched by seasoned Microsoft executives with deep channel connections and vendor funding, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Ten years ago two young entrepreneurs, Adam Berezin and Jason Gumpert, knocked on the door of this channel with no direct relationships and no connection to Fargo or Microsoft. And they made it.

This backstory includes “the worst sales job ever”, crashing a Harvard alumni meeting, the opportune meeting of two very different people and a whole lot of cold calling. 

Find out what made MSDynamicsWorld what it is today.

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