10 Extra Ways to Use Microsoft Dynamics Customer Case Studies

Once you go through all the work to write a customer case study, there is so much more that you can do with it than just post it on your website.

Here are 10 ideas for extra ways it can be used:

1)      Feature it in an email blast to prospects.

2)      Select at least 10 “tweetable” thoughts to use on social media.

3)      Pull out the testimonial quotes to use on various pages of your website as social proof.

4)      Use it as a direct mail piece.

5)      Leave it with prospects at a sales meeting (and try to cut down on reference calls).

6)      Combine several success stories into an industry focused eBook.

7)      Send a copy to referral sources to show your expertise.

8)      Discuss it in a blog post.

9)      Use it as the basis for a case study video.

10)   Promote it in a press release.

Read some of the case studies I have written about Microsoft Dynamics customers.  We continue to use all of these case studies regularly in our marketing efforts.

If you are interested in having a case study written about your Microsoft Dynamics customers, contact me.

By Anya Ciecierski, Collaboration Works Marketing


Twitter: @AnyaCWMktg


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