What I Miss About the Good Old Days of Outbound Marketing

I love to cross items off my to-do list. Sometimes I will write something down after it is done, just so that I can have the satisfaction of crossing it off. When I started marketing Microsoft Dynamics back in 2000 the emphasis was on direct mail, telemarketing campaigns and other types of outbound marketing activities. Kids these days don’t realize the time we spent printing labels, stuffing envelopes and walking to the post office....uphill both ways.

In almost every way I much prefer this new age of inbound marketing focused on content creation and social media. However there is one thing I miss about the good old days of outbound marketing: at least I knew when it was finished!

In the past, I could spend weeks designing a killer direct mail piece and sourcing the perfect list. But once it was dropped in the mailbox, I knew I could mark that campaign as “Done”, (while I waited optimistically for the phone to start ringing with leads, of course).

Today, outbound marketing is never “Done”. If I write 3 blog posts, I could write 3 more. If I publish 10 tweets, I could publish 10 more. There is just no such thing as crossing “social media” and “content creation” off of my to-do list. 

That being said, I certainly don’t want to go back to days of direct mail. Even the most creative piece would be thrown in the garbage after a while, but a well written blog post will stay online and continue to work for me for years to come.

I do miss the small thrill of crossing a campaign off my to-do list for good.  But I’ll survive.

By Anya Ciecierski, Collaboration Works Marketing


Twiter: @AnyaCWMktg


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