6 Tips From Fellow ERP Software Blog Writers

Don’t feel bad, you are not alone.  

Every blogger I have met struggles to find enough content. But we can help each other by sharing our strategies.

At the annual Microsoft Dynamics Convergence event I met with several of the writers for the ERP Software Blog. Here are some of my favorite ideas that were shared by the group:

1)      Start a Blog Club

Each month invite (aka assign) specific employees to have lunch with you and brainstorm ideas.

2)      Ask for 5 Bullet Points

Asking a sales/technical resource to write a blog post can sound overwhelming. So this marketer just asks for 5 bullet points on a specific topic, then uses those to write the article.

3)      Monitor the Support Queue

Very few marketers pay attention to the support cases within the company, but this can be a treasure trove of blog topic ideas. Look for good support questions and their resolutions and write those into “How To” posts.

4)      Assign LinkedIn Groups

In order to promote more activity on LinkedIn one company assigns each employee to a specific group. A calendar appointment is set for each Friday at 4pm to block off time remind the employee to post to their group.

5)      Pay for a Rewrite

If you have a good topic for a blog post, don’t just use it once. But rewriting your own content is difficult since you liked it the way you wrote it the first time. So hire an inexpensive writer from a site like www.textbroker.com or even www.fiverr.com to rewrite the article for you. (Use www.copyscape.com to make sure it is less than 50% the same.) Then you can post it on another blog site. 

6)      Use Audio Clips

If you interview a subject matter expert within your company and record it, use a tool like www.audioacrobat.com to include an audio clip in your blog post. It adds credibility and is something unique for readers.

A big thank to my fellow bloggers at AvidXchangeBroadpoint Technologies, Software Solutions Group, Appolis, Jovaco, K-eCommerce, Knaster Technology Group, Myappsanywhere, Collins ComputingIntegrity Data, The Partner Channel and The Partner Marketing Group for hanging out with me at Convergence 2015 and sharing your tips.

Do you have more ideas to share? Let us know!

By Anya Ciecierski, www.cwmktg.com

Follow me on Twitter: @AnyaCWMktg