Traffic, Leads and Notoriety: The True Story of a Reluctant ERP Software Blog Member

“I'm glad that I ignored my in-house marketing guy and went ahead and joined the ERP Software Blog.  I do feel it's the best decision I could have made.” – Rod O’Connor, Briware Solutions, ERP Software Blog member since 2015. If you are considering joining the ERP Software Blog or the CRM Software Blog, consider the traffic and the leads but don’t forget that it just could make you famous. It took Rod O’Connor a long time to make the decision to join the ERP Software Blog and now he is very glad he did. In this post, Rod explains the very real benefits he has seen.

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An Inexpensive Resource to Turn Blog Posts Into Infographics

Infographics are fun representations of complex ideas in visual graphic form. They are eye catching and easy to promote. They are usually also VERY expensive. So what is a cash-strapped marketer to do? Recently, I found a company that is the right fit for me.  I get a simple but effective infographic for a low cost and a limited amount of work on my end. Check out the details.

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Why Marketers Should Try Things That Sound Just a Little Crazy

Can you measure the ROI on that? As a marketer, how often have you heard that question? Working in the ERP software industry, many of my bosses have been “non- practicing CPAs” and other financial types. So, the question very often comes down to math. I hate math. I heard a podcast recently and had an “ah-ha moment”. Finally, someone was able to put into words why successful marketers can’t be so concerned with the math and metrics.  Many times during my career as a marketer I have had to pitch an idea to the person holding the purse strings and found myself saying: “I know this might sound crazy but…. I really think it could work.” 

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My Simple 2 Step Marketing Plan for a Small Business with No Time and Less Money

I like to talk to my chiropractor about marketing.  After my first visit, he sent me a letter with referrals. I complimented him on the great marketing tactic and we started talking about how hard it is for a busy small business owner to spend time on marketing.  I thought more about it and on my next visit I suggested what I would do in his situation to market a small business with limited time and resources. Here are two things that you, as a small business owner, can do that could have a big impact: 

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My Best Blogging Tip You Think You Have Never Heard

I feel like I tell this tip all the time.  Yet every time I say it people are still amazed and act like they have never heard it before. So, I’ll just keep saying it. This is the fastest way to write a blog post.  Ready? 1) Record 2) Transcribe 3) Edit. I have done it hundreds of times. Here are my specific tips to make it easy.

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8 Ways the ERP/CRM Software Blogs Help Dynamics ISV Partners Get Found

It is all about being found. If you are a Dynamics ISV partner you want your brand to be found, and known, by prospects and by partners. So, you need to make sure that you are taking advantage of all the opportunities you do have to be known within the Dynamics channel and market. Here are 8 ways the ERP and CRM Software Blog sites help you do that.

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Beware: Why Google's Free-to-Use Images are NOT Always Free To Use

Don’t worry….I only used free-to-use images that I found online. I can’t get in trouble for that, right? Wrong! There are two reasons you can’t trust free images you get from Google even if you filter by “Usage Rights. Let me explain what I learned this week, the hard way.


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Clues I Find In My Favorite Google Analytics Reports

How often do you remember to check the Google Analytics data for your website?

I can go several months without thinking about it and that means I am missing out on valuable insights into the success of my online marketing efforts.

For that reason, I have several reports automatically emailed to me each month. On the first of the month Google Analytics kindly sends me these 4 reports as PDF documents:

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Will You Read the Second Sentence of This Blog Post?

What is the goal of this first sentence? 

To get you to read the second sentence. That’s all. And I see that it worked. You are already at the fifth sentence. 

The single most helpful writing tip I ever received was in an email from Henneke Duistermaat at Enchanting Marketing.

 She said that you need to keep your first sentence short. Ultra-short. Such as:

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How Beringer Associates Became Our Most Popular Dynamics CRM Blog Star

For the past two months one company has written 4 out of 5 of the most popular blog posts on the CRM Software Blog. They have consistently been on the most popular list, but now they are completely dominating it. I told them that the blogger at Beringer Associates deserves a gold star.  Then I found that they deserve a whole bunch of gold stars, because everyone at their company is a blogger. Lisa A. Beringer, Vice President at Beringer Associates, Inc. shared her company’s secret to success with me:

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Why You Need an Inventory List to Track Published Blog Posts

Wait, didn’t I already write about this? Once you have been blogging for a while, it all starts to become a blur. It is very difficult to remember what you have written about and when and where, it was published. But there is value in knowing what you have already written about and being able to quickly find the URL. Here are 4 reasons you need an inventory list and the benefits. 

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Big Beautiful Banners to Boost My Blog Posts

Banners are my new thing. When someone finishes reading a blog post, I want them to be see a beautiful banner that will just make them feel compelled to click to get more information.

But I am not a graphic designer. I wish I was, as it would be such an asset to my marketing career. As I get older I have resigned myself to the fact that you just can’t be good at everything, and learning when to delegate is a sign of maturity. Finally, I have found a solution. Here are a few examples of my favorite banners...

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Proof That More Blog Posts Equals More Website Traffic - Dynamics CRM Partner Success Story

Anybody can say that writing more blog posts is better, especially someone who owns the blog site. But I can give you proof.

A Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner who is a member of the CRM Software Blog shared their statistics with me, and the results are very clear. With an increased focus on blogging and very few other changes to their marketing strategy, this Dynamics CRM Partner has seen a

  • 57% increase in website traffic in 2015 over 2014.
  • 322% increase in website traffic since they joined the CRM Software Blog in 2010.
  • 126% increase in referral clicks from the CRM Software Blog.

And that is not all. 

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My Strategy for “Pick-Apart Posts” and Why My Prospects Love Me For It

Some people think I am annoying. But that makes me a better blog writer. I am the person who combs through the fine print, anticipates every worst case scenario and asks what the contingency plan is. Fortunately I have found that this quality serves me well for blog writing. I have had success with something I call “Pick-Apart Posts”. I will take a topic and literally pick it apart. I’ll look at it from every angle, ask every potential question my customer could ask, try to think of every scenario and then find the answers and document them.

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How to ReOptimize or RePublish Old Blog Posts To Get More Traffic

You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, right? I bet you get 80% of your traffic from 20% of your blog posts.

All of us struggle with finding time to write new blog posts. So instead, here is a strategy you can use to get more traffic and leads from the blog posts you have already published.  First you want to find out which of your blog posts are the most popular.

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The Key Personality Trait of a Great Marketer

What personality trait should you look for when hiring for marketing?

Should the person be organized, creative, detail oriented? You could argue that all of those qualities are important.

But I believe the key personality trait of a great marketer is OPTIMISM - unfailing, unflagging optimism: the belief that just because something hasn’t worked before, it might work this time. Or the prospect who hasn’t responded to the last ten marketing touches, might just call today.

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An Easy Way to Generate More Content with Less Work – Blog Rewrite Service

So many blog sites, so little time. Everyone wants original content, but there is only so much time in the day for writing.

When you spend the time researching and crafting a great blog post it is tempting to post it on more than one site. But that little voice in your head should remind you that duplicate content is bad; search engines don’t like duplicate content and it will not improve your SEO.

If you plan to use the same content on multiple blog sites, it should be rewritten it so that the content is fresh. This does not just mean changing the title and a few sentences.

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