12 Hot Topics for Microsoft Dynamics Marketers in 2017

What are the hottest topics with Microsoft Dynamics marketers this year?

At the start of each year my marketing group makes a list of the topics we are the most interested in learning more about. Then we vote and assign one topic to discuss in our monthly call.

Hearing the experiences, opinions and questions of other VAR and ISV marketers that are with you “in the trenches” has proved to be enormously valuable. This is what we will be discussing in 2017.

 Hot Topics for 2017

1.       CRM and PowerBI dashboards for marketing.

2.       How to market a new product line.

3.       Interactive content tools.

4.       New vertical markets: how to choose, research, market to effectively.

5.       Public speaking/presentation skills.

6.       Time management tips & tricks: how are others distributing efforts.

7.       Tips for list building and email marketing.

8.       Account-based marketing.

9.       Successful outbound and integrated marketing campaigns.

10.   LinkedIn- Sales Navigator.

11.   Paid search & SEO.

12.   Social media attribution, KPIs, and best engagement practices for social media.

Other marketing topics that were suggested but didn’t make the cut this year are: Team communication tools (such as Slack), Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platforms/tools, Content Marketing Platforms (like Uberflip), Digital marketing, Marketing automation best practices, How to adjust forecasting to a monthly subscription model, How to establish metrics around a campaign/campaign performance reporting, Conversion rate optimization, Managing Retargeting ads, Tips for doing a website relaunch and How to market in a time of uncertainty.

What marketing topics are you most interested in learning about in 2017?

By Anya Ciecierski, Collaboration Works Marketing


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