An Inexpensive Resource to Turn Blog Posts Into Infographics

Infographics are fun representations of complex ideas in visual graphic form. They are eye-catching and easy to promote. They are usually also VERY expensive.

For a quality infographic done by someone who understands the ERP/CRM channel and does all the messaging and design, you can expect to pay $1500-$2000.

So what is a cash-strapped marketer to do?

I know some marketers that are lucky enough to have design skills and they can make their own using sites like Canva or Piktochart. Sadly, I was not blessed with any artistic skills.

You can find designers on that look very good. However, you still need to provide the exact text that will be used. That option is inexpensive but still requires a large investment of my time.

Recently, I found a company that is the right fit for me: Contellio converts any text content into marketing designs like infographics, explainer videos, ebooks, and a dozen of other design formats. So far, I have just used them for infographics.

I can get a simple but effective infographic for a low cost and a limited amount of work on my end. These are the steps:

·         Choose a blog post you want turned into an infographic.

·         On their website, start an infographic project and submit the URL of the blog post.

·         Follow the steps to upload your logo and give direction on any style/colors you prefer.

·         Contellio turns the blog post into an infographic, with the text, and sends it back to you for review.

·         You can edit the text in their tool, and request any other revisions until you agree on the final version.

·         Download the completed project in multiple formats.

The cost? Just $350. (Hint: I have seen them run promotions)

These are the three infographics that Contellio has designed for me in the last few months:

10 Ways Disconnected Software Systems Complicate Your Life

Have You Seen Dynamics GP Reinvented?

6 Reasons I Believe Acumatica is The Best ERP Cloud System

I admit, these infographics are simple. You do get what you pay for. When you compare them to more expensive infographics I’ve had done in the past, you can clearly see the difference:

12 Great Reasons Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM

10 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP

But I think Contellio offers a quality product for a low price and a low investment of my time. They have other services too, such as helping you to distribute your infographics. But I have not tried these yet.

I can embed these infographics into blog posts and promote them on Twitter and LinkedIn. Infographics are another tool in my marketing tool belt and I am very happy to have found an affordable service that fits my needs.

Check out Contellio with this link

(Full disclosure, I figured out that I can get a whopping 50 cents if you sign up, but I had already written this blog post so I would have recommended them anyway.)

By Anya Ciecierski, Collaboration Works Marketing,

Follow me on Twitter: @AnyaCWMktg