An Inexpensive Resource to Turn Blog Posts Into Infographics

Infographics are fun representations of complex ideas in visual graphic form. They are eye catching and easy to promote. They are usually also VERY expensive. So what is a cash-strapped marketer to do? Recently, I found a company that is the right fit for me.  I get a simple but effective infographic for a low cost and a limited amount of work on my end. Check out the details.

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Big Beautiful Banners to Boost My Blog Posts

Banners are my new thing. When someone finishes reading a blog post, I want them to be see a beautiful banner that will just make them feel compelled to click to get more information.

But I am not a graphic designer. I wish I was, as it would be such an asset to my marketing career. As I get older I have resigned myself to the fact that you just can’t be good at everything, and learning when to delegate is a sign of maturity. Finally, I have found a solution. Here are a few examples of my favorite banners...

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How to Change Thumbnail Images on Google+ Posts

The image added to this article doesn't really match the content, and it is actually kind of confusing….Are you doing the same thing to your readers with your Google+ posts?

Using the right graphic is an important way to engage readers. It may seem simple to some people, but many don’t realize that you can change the default image that appears when you add a link in a Google+ post.

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