6 Bloggers Expose Their Referral Click Traffic from ERP Software Blog

How can you prove that blogging is effective?  It’s all about tracking the traffic. Of course you can track the number of people that read your article. But I think an even better indicator of ROI is to track the number of people who take the next step and click on a link back to your website. I asked a few more of my ERP Software Blog members to share their referrals stats for a 10 month period in 2017 and the results were very impressive. Look out their numbers and find out how to check your own. 

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Clues I Find In My Favorite Google Analytics Reports

How often do you remember to check the Google Analytics data for your website?

I can go several months without thinking about it and that means I am missing out on valuable insights into the success of my online marketing efforts.

For that reason, I have several reports automatically emailed to me each month. On the first of the month Google Analytics kindly sends me these 4 reports as PDF documents:

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