Proof That More Blog Posts Equals More Website Traffic - Dynamics CRM Partner Success Story

Anybody can say that writing more blog posts is better, especially someone who owns the blog site.

But I can give you proof.

A Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner who is a member of the CRM Software Blog shared their statistics with me, and the results are very clear.

This company has been a member of the CRM Software Blog since 2010 and for the first four years posted a little more than one article per month. Then 2014 was an off year with only 4 new posts. So in 2015 this partner decided to put a strategic emphasis on blogging and social media.

This included:
•    4 unique blog posts per month
•    At least 10 tweets per week (plus retweets)
•    At least 2 LinkedIn updates per week
•    4 Google+ updates per month

Thirty seven of these blog articles were posted on the CRM Software Blog. Twenty more original blog articles were posted on their own company blog, on LinkedIn Pulse and on the CRMUG site.  It is important that these were all new articles, not duplicate content.

All of these articles were actively promoted using the social media channels. The topics for the articles included the benefits of Dynamics CRM software, add on software provided by this company and sales methodology.

The company also had a white paper written which was promoted in the blog articles. Besides this added emphasis on content marketing, very little else about their marketing strategy changed. They did not increase email marketing or any other tactics.

So the question is, did this CRM partner see an increase in traffic to their website?
Yes. By 57%

This Dynamics CRM Partner tracked a 57% increase in website traffic in 2015 over 2014. And a 322% increase in website traffic since they joined the CRM Software Blog in 2010.

The company also saw a 126% increase in the number of referral links from the CRM Software Blog to their site in 2015 over 2014, from 609 to 1378. These are people who read a blog post the company wrote and clicked on a link to go back to their website to learn more. And hopefully, ultimately, buy Dynamics CRM.

If the company had paid a “pay per click” fee for each of these referral clicks in 2015 the cost could easily have been over $10,000. 

With this increased attention on social media, total Twitter Followers increased by 387% and Klout score rose 124%. 

So does an increase in blogging lead to an increase in website traffic? 
This partner says yes.

Does an increase in website traffic lead to an increase in leads and closed deals? 
This partner does not want to reveal revenue numbers, but I have been assured that the answer is a resounding YES. They could share this amazing statistic: 

New Microsoft Dynamics CRM leads increased by 30% in 2015.

For me, that is plenty of proof that writing more blogs is worth the effort.

So if you are looking at how to allocate your marketing time, and budget, consider the value of increasing your participation in group blogs and social media.

By Anya Ciecierski
Collaboration Works Marketing

Follow me on Twitter: @AnyaCWMktg