Will You Read the Second Sentence of This Blog Post?

What is the goal of this first sentence? 

To get you to read the second sentence. That’s all. And I see that it worked. You are already at the fifth sentence. 

The single most helpful writing tip I ever received was in an email from Henneke Duistermaat at Enchanting Marketing.

 She said that you need to keep your first sentence short. Ultra-short. Such as:

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How Beringer Associates Became Our Most Popular Dynamics CRM Blog Star

For the past two months one company has written 4 out of 5 of the most popular blog posts on the CRM Software Blog. They have consistently been on the most popular list, but now they are completely dominating it. I told them that the blogger at Beringer Associates deserves a gold star.  Then I found that they deserve a whole bunch of gold stars, because everyone at their company is a blogger. Lisa A. Beringer, Vice President at Beringer Associates, Inc. shared her company’s secret to success with me:

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